Is Your Current Janitorial Service Provider Cutting Corners?

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It is sad to say, but the entire building and facility maintenance industry has become a gigantic shell game. Janitorial service providers are pricing lower than an honest cleaning company to outbid the competition.

It is also known than customers go for the company that saves their business the most money. Bottom-Line savings are the key factor when choosing a janitorial provider. Expenses’ shortcuts can cost you more in the long run. At what price are you willing to sacrifice efficiency and value for a few dollars off?

An indication that you are about to make an expensive mistake is often reflected in a low-bid pricing quote. Are you one of those who suffer from a Low Bid Syndrome? If you are one, let me show how to not get bitten by the cheap bug…

First and foremost, low-bid pricing competitions put the financial incentive of gaining your initial business over your long-term cleaning needs. Once, these unscrupulous companies have hunted their prey with low-bid pricing, they tend to raise the price; hoping that you won’t search for a new janitorial service provider. (As a recommendation, always check the small print when signing the agreement – Did you know that a cheap bid often contains clauses that allow the bidder to charge more than the bid stated).

Sales is a numbers game in this dirty business and janitorial service providers are willing to low their prices to get a new customer, so to offset their pricing, they take a cut of their cleaning budget leaving insufficient funds to provide for legal labor and quality service.

Janitorial service providers who are playing a shell game with their pricing will:

  • Drive Down their price to the bottom and then have to provide inferior services or materials to meet what it was stipulated in the quote.
  • Schedule half the time required to do a job and then have to jump from job to job without finishing.
  • Come to you asking for more money because they misquoted you.
  • Quote or schedule jobs that they cannot do just to keep someone else from getting them.
  • Even thought they cannot meet your job requirements or deadline they will take the job.

I know that in this time of austerity where the economic downturn has taken a toll on businesses forcing them to be frugal (I don’t mean being cheap, for me frugal it’s about getting the best value for my money). Property owners should evaluate the bids on a quality of services or items rendered versus cost basis to avoid saying “We accepted the lowest bid without realizing that we were putting the rope around our neck”

If you have been a victim of dishonest janitorial services providers and their ridiculous ways of marketing themselves, please share your experience with us and prevent that somebody else makes that expensive mistake!

Post by Diana Esparza

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