Building Sustainability

BMI understand that real estate development and property management companies are moving towards the implementation of LEED Programs as a way to be building sustainable and compliant with industry standards. As a result, BMI is cognizant that LEED Programs are a concept that building facilities are embracing, therefore we are committed to work alongside businesses to maintain a healthy place to live, work and learn.

In order to meet customers needs, BMI uses strategies aimed at achieving high performance in areas of human and environmental health associated to LEED practices such as sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

BMI is aware that commercial buildings have started to provide green maintenance and cleaning services to their occupants, as a result, we want to deliver an approach that enables us to create a win-win relationship with our clients.

We know that if we help our clients to maintain or increase their LEED Certification Level, we also earns a reputation as the company moving society into a ”green” future which give positions us as the leaders in the green building & cleaning industry in the National Capital Region.

We understand commercial buildings need to reduce the environmental footprints by maintaining green standards in the day-to-day management; therefore, BMI green practices focuses on key areas (sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality) and works hand in hand to help you preserve your LEED Certification Level.

BMI wants to engage the community in its Green Cleaning Program to show how utility and maintenance costs can be dramatically lowered through utilizing LEED Practices.

BMI understands that minimizing environmental impact is important for businesses that are sustainable-oriented. We plan to take advantage of available technologies to make your building earn, maintain or increase the LEED Certified Level.

Join Us in this cause and help us to “Move Society into a “GREEN” Future”

Post by Diana Esparza