General Contracting

Through their years of experience and providing Ottawa general contracting services, BMI have developed sophisticated bidding, scheduling and materials solutions for some of the most complex construction projects being done today.

  • Ottawa General Contracting
  • Budget and cost management
  • Engineering
  • Health, safety and environmental consulting
  • Pre-construction, scheduling and planning
  • Architectural, mechanical and electrical consultant sourcing
  • LEED building technology

BMI works with the highest standard of INTEGRITY and QUALITY to offer you TURN-KEY solutions in areas:

  • Ottawa General Contracting
  • Cost analysis
  • Budget and cost management
  • Due diligence
  • Engineering
  • Health, safety and environmental consulting
  • Pre-construction, scheduling and planning
  • Architectural, mechanical and electrical consultant sourcing
  • LEED building technology

Our Ottawa General Contracting, Building & Construction Services:

  • Alterations & Additions: For condominiums, residential complexes, industrial sites, government buildings and retail properties.
  • Architectural Building and Design: From the design stage right through to completion.
  • Building Envelope: Ensuring structural integrity and optimal moisture and temperature control.
  • Commercial Interior Fit-Ups: BMI helps organizations alter existing office space, warehouses shopping centers and common areas to expand or better-suit new occupants.
  • Demolition: For new project site preparation, rebuilding or disaster cleanup. Complete takedowns or interior refits, complete with debris removal and site cleanup.
  • Design Build: End-to-end project planning and delivery from the needs-analysis and architectural phase through to construction and finishing.
  • Drywall & Suspended Ceilings: Bring BMI in after framing, or during renovation or restoration projects to build the walls and ceilings with precision.
  • Dry Wall Partitions: To maximize space and enhance property value.
  • Fire Protection: To assure the protection of your business investment.
  • Interior General Contracting: BMI is renowned for its innovation and professionalism when it comes to redesigning and/or rebuilding interior layouts for commercial, government and large residential properties.
  • Millwork: Custom or pre-fabricated finished woodwork, moldings and lattices with a focus on superior craftsmanship.
  • Office Renovations: Contact BMI when it’s time to expand, reorganize or overhaul office areas.
  • Plumbing & Electrical: From the ground up or as part of a renovation project.
  • Project Management: From the planning stage right through to site preparation, building (or demolition) and finishing, BMI provides end-to-end services.
  • Secure Server Room Construction & Cages: To protect your mission-critical equipment and data from theft and vandalism.
  • Suspended & Acoustical Ceilings: For commercial, industrial and institutional/educational properties.
  • Tenant-Landlord Fit-Ups: Whether a single unit or the entire complex, BMI can send a professional team in to prepare for new tenants or as a leasehold-improvement project.
  • Wall Systems: Innovative and often-modular design and construction of shelving, cabinets, doors and rooms for storage and to maximize space.

Questions? Contact us now for a free consultation for Ottawa general contracting services or more information.

Contact BMI for General Contracting Services in Ottawa

Need help managing a complex construction project?

BMI is a leading service in Ottawa that offers general contracting services to all business owners. Thanks to our years of experience in the field and our team of experts, BMI is the best service to call for jobs related to cost analysis, budget and cost management, engineering, architectural, mechanical and electrical consultant sourcing, and LEED building technology.

In addition to our general services, BMI also leads as one of the best services for any construction services related to commercial design. From interior fit-ups to installing plumbing and wall systems, we perfect your property from the inside out.

For further information regarding our general contracting services, get in touch with a representative from BMI today at (343) 312-5355. Request a quote for your project, and hire BMI for today.

Sustainable Design

BMI has established itself as a leading building contractor. We have delivered signature building projects across the National Capital Region.

We have a strong track record of creating world-class, functional buildings in the education, health, corporate, commercial, residential and defence markets. As sustainability fast becomes a leading benchmark for excellence, BMI has developed certified sustainable structures that meet the rigorous evaluations of bodies such as the Canada Green Building Council.

Key to our track record is a commitment to understanding our clients’ requirements and managing risks through close collaboration at every project stage.

BMI is an advocate of sustainable building practice – we strive to implement more environmentally responsible building guidelines  and continues to educate its staff on LEED practices.

Sustainable Design is about creating the right building design to suit the local climate and environmental surroundings. BMI’s construction practices  can play a role in both new building design, rebuilding of existing structures and can help you achieve your LEED or BOMA Best Certification.

So you’re interested in building or renovating an energy efficient facility! Contact us now



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