With the lockdown coming to a halt, many workplaces are beginning to re-open. While the return of employees to offices is a good thing, it can also lead to some challenges.

The coronavirus is still active and therefore adequate social distancing measures must be implemented. Additionally, after such a long absence there could be issues in the office that can affect employee safety, sanitation, and productivity. Here are a few things to keep in mind before reopening offices.

Deep Cleaning

Before opening up any building, it’s important to have the area deep cleaned. A deep cleaning happens in several different steps. Firstly, the property is cleaned as it would normally be cleaned. Next, cleaners work on high-touch services, such as door handles, worktables, hard chairs, and light switches. Any chance of there being a high risk of droplets passing is cleaned.

After this, the office is then disinfected with a bleach-based disinfected or dry superheated steam. The government has recommended the use of dry superheated steam whenever possible as it has been found to kill over 99% of bacteria.

Office Maintenance

disinfecting office

Before reopening, it’s important for there to be general building and office maintenance. This means checking to make sure all electrical units such as ACs are working. Additionally, all fire extinguishers, coat hooks, door locks and door closers should be in working condition.

Additionally, walls should be free of holes, gap, and any other type of damage. The floor tiles should also be well-maintained to not pose a threat to employee safety.

Reorganize Office Structure

As the country still needs to be following social distancing measures, it’s important for offices to accommodate this through their layout. While open offices were increasingly gaining traction in firms around the country, physical barriers are now necessary.

This means the return of cubicles, private rooms, plexiglass dividers and walls. Additionally, there should be maintenance done in the offices and the building to limit human touch and contact.

This means automated doors and elevators, and no fingerprint scanning. The office cafeteria should also be reorganized to facilitate social distancing.

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