Disaster Restoration

24-Hour Disaster Restoration service throughout the Ottawa region. We’ll get your business back up-and-running fast…

Nobody can predict when their business might be hit by fire, storm, flood or vandalism but it is essential that you get back up-and-running as quickly and professionally as possible.

  •  Emergency Mitigation
  •  Drying & De-humidification
  •  Mold Remediation
  •  Contents Restoration
  •  Temporary Power
  •  Temporary HVAC
  •  Fire & Smoke Damage
  •  Water Damage & Removal
  •  Catastrophic Storm Response

Every minute of downtime results in lost customers, lost revenue and unnecessary stress.

  •  Emergency Mitigation
  •  Drying & Dehumidification
  •  Mold Remediation
  •  Contents Restoration
  •  Temporary Power
  •  Temporary HVAC
  •  Fire & Smoke Damage
  •  Water Damage & Removal
  •  Catastrophic Storm Response

Property Damage Consultation

  • Scope of Work and Cost Estimate Preparation
  • Cost Management

Eco-friendly Sanitizing

Sanitization solutions including general cleaning, removal and prevention of mold and disinfecting contaminated areas. BMI sanitises the property using some of the most sophisticated and advanced steam cleaning technology, which means there’s no need for chemicals and disinfectants.

Emergency Response Restoration Solutions

  • Fire and smoke cleanup: rebuilding, air-purification, cleaning and painting as required
  • Water damage/flood removal and cleanup: pumping, cleaning and   drying, along  with repairing/rebuilding when necessary
  • Debris collection and removal: assessment and removal of equipment, building parts and contents after smoke, fire, flood or other type of disaster induced damage
  • Floor and carpet stripping and cleaning: cleaning, repair or replacement  of damaged floors and carpets
  • Upholstery and furnishings cleaning: cleaning and/or removal of   damaged furniture, drapery and furnishings
  • Window cleaning/replacement removal of broken/damaged windows, along with cleaning and replacement as required
  • High-speed burnishing: unique polishing techniques to restore original surfaces
  • Graffiti Removal: cleaning, painting and/or resurfacing
  • Air quality restoration: dehumidification, HVAC restoration and air flushing/restoration
  • Rebuilding: as a general contractor, BMI can provide turnkey restoration from   debris removal right through to the rebuilding of almost any structure.

Has Disaster Struck? Contact BMI for Disaster Restoration!

For weather disasterrestoration in Ottawa, Canada, BMI is the best service to call!

Led by professional disaster restoration experts in the industry, BMI manages and restores all sorts of damage done to your property. From fire and smoke damage, water damage and removal to mould remediation and catastrophic storm response, BMI takes care of all damages without a problem.

For those worried about the costs, BMI takes your budget into account as well. Providing property damage consultation services, we take the scope of the work into account, and estimate a price that can be managed without causing any financial troubles for the client.

We put in our best efforts to ensure that our clients have their business up and running before the deadline.

Contact BMI today at1-613-235-2126.



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