A well-maintained commercial complex paves the way for profitable business opportunities. It also keeps staff motivated and at the top of their productivity game. Yes, the maintenance costs related to commercial buildings are high, but the output is worth every penny.

From cleaning to repairs and restoration, every aspect of maintenance is equally important. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 4 essential tips that will help you keep your commercial property in top-notch condition.

commercial cleaning

1.   24/7 Janitorial Service is A Must

Cleanliness is the key to maximizing your commercial property’s aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s a workplace or a shopping plaza, maintaining a hygienic environment is vital. Buildings with a clean interior and surroundings tend to bolster business and morale.

Services like ours are committed to ensuring you get great ROI.

2.   Quality Plumbing and Lighting

The City of Ottawa has laid out comprehensive standard guidelines for commercial building maintenance. The criteria set by this guideline are specific, and essential to increasing the longevity of your business complex.

Regular inspection is necessary to keep your commercial building safe from sudden leakages, seepage, power-cuts, and short circuits. In addition to inspection, it’s imperative to install a quality HVAC system to ensure the building’s occupants are comfortable and healthy.

3.   Foolproof Design

Safe and durable vents, electrical wiring, fixtures and fittings, and durable wall systems increase the durability of your commercial building. Environmentally-friendly building design is highly recommended to prove your dedication to sustainable practices.

BMI strongly advocates the construction of environmentally responsible commercial projects. We can optimize your commercial building design and help you get LEED and BOMA Best certified.

4.   Safety Systems

Last but not least, you need to invest in proper implementation of safety and preventive measures. Reliable fire alarms, extinguishers, and the certified life-safety system should be up to date and well-documented.

First aid resources are vital in any commercial building. The safety exits should be accessible to ensure smooth evacuation in case of an incident.

Parking facilities, garages, and pavements should be seal coated to prevent accidents.


Need Professional Assistance?

A smoothly operating commercial property requires routine maintenance and inspection. BMI offers Commercial Cleaning and maintenance services in Ottawa that leave no room for grey areas. Request a free quote today, and we’ll respond promptly.