Demolition & Waste Removal

Complex scale demolition and related services to property owners and property managers. BMI is a local site decommissioning and redevelopment business partner for clients across the National Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau).

  • Demolition and Site Clearance
  • Complete or partial structural demolition
  • Interior demolition and renovation
  • Multi-story demolition
  • LEED Recycling & Waste Management
  • Site Remediation

Demolition Waste and Building Material Removal Services in Ottawa

Synonymous with quality in service for both demolition and environmental remediation, BMI is recognized as the company to call for all high-profile projects in town.

With a track record to match our reputation, BMI exceeds its clients’ expectations by providing complex scale demolition and related services to property owners and property managers.

Specialized in providing waste management removal and internal demolition services, BMI is the go-to company for building owners, general contractors, and property management firms in Ottawa.


Delivering Outstanding Demolition Waste Removal Contracting Services

The BMI business model reaches beyond world-class renovation, demolition and site advisement to a strong foundation comprised of a commitment to service and contributions to the demolition industry. BMI’s engineering and project managers are experienced consultants that work with clients to identify and manage a wide range of leading site factors, from environmental impacts on end use and regulatory compliance and codes to complete cost analyses and project management.

Environmental Demolition Waste Stewardship

Through the provision of our services we strive to provide an environment supportive of excellence and sustainability.

Demolition Waste Services Lifecycle

  • Demolition
  • Post-Job Clean Up
  • Recycling
  • Sorting
  • Disposal

Our Services

BMI underlying philosophy is performing demolition, decontamination, asset recovery and related services. Main services provided  by BMI are:

  • Site decommissioning
  • Demolition and Site Clearance
  • Complete or partial structural demolition
  • Interior demolition and renovation
  • Multi-story demolition
  • LEED Recycling & Waste Management
  • Site Remediation

BMI offers surveys to assess sites and identify if contaminating materials are present. BMI’s recycling and disposal methods ensure that hazardous are removed quickly and safely, whilst minimizing the impact on the environment and the development program.

Investing heavily in the people and equipment necessary to meet your most demanding demolitions and post-construction waste requirements

Today, the company has about 50 employees and an entire fleet of demolition equipment including excavators, grapples, pulverizers, shears, wrecking balls, compactors, and dust suppressing systems, loaders, dozers, rock crushers, water trucks and assorted specialty equipment.

Your Safety, Our Priority

BMI strives to ensure that the environmental impacts associated with any reclaiming situations are prevented or mitigated to the greatest extent possible. As a result and in order to comply with industry standard practices, the company has in place effective safety, emergency preparation and response procedures to reduce injuries, prevent or minimize environmental impacts, as well as to protect employees and neighbors, reduce asset losses, and minimize downtown time.

All BMI personnel are insured under applicable WCB coverage. In addition, we carry an employer’s liability insurance covering all our personnel who may be involved in performance of the services including partners, proprietors and owner-operators where not covered by workers compensation.

From 2004 thru 2012, BMI has expended over five hundred thousand man-hours with an average WSIB Recordable Fatality Rate of 0 and an average incident rate of 0.97.

Contact An Specialist

For your next demolition project or you’ve suffered a large commercial loss, make sure BMI Demolition and Building Material Removal Services comes to the top of your list.



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