The most robust business models protect their business from everything, from natural calamities to cyber-attacks. This helps maintain business continuity in case disaster strikes by minimizing damages and losses.

This is crucial for businesses to resume core activities despite a disaster to buffer its financial impact. The longer you shut down your business, the deeper the dip in your revenues. You need professional disaster restoration services if your worksite has suffered severe damages, and all work can’t be conducted online.

From storms to earthquakes and fire damage to electrical failure, disasters come in all forms. The key is to preserve mission-critical business functions from absorbing the disaster scale and keeping them going. That’s only possible when managers have delegated the responsibility of site clearance and disaster restoration to someone else.

What’s the Cost of Disasters?

A tornado can charge a flood in your direction, or a windstorm can bring down electrical wiring and damage generators. Such damage can incur financial, human, and operational losses that the business must bear.

In the digital sector, downtime can mean communication lags, data loss, poor connectivity, and loss of sales. A small business has to bear about $8,000 in losses for each hour of downtime. In contrast, large corporations have to pay as high as $700,000. This excludes the cost of employee rehabilitation that the company must provide if the disaster occurred due to your negligence. The larger the business, the larger the workforce, and the larger losses.

Failure to reimburse these losses soon enough can push the company into debt and compromise its market standing.

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Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

It’s usually the first disaster experience that’s a reminder for businesses to invest time and dedicate a team to a disaster recovery plan. Regardless of the size of your operations, you need a contingency plan to deal with emergencies.

The first step is to upgrade the IT infrastructure such that it can bear downtime without data loss. It’s useful to have a team that works independently on disaster recovery plans and upgrades the company’s digital structure. It’s useful to have an online portal that can maintain continuity if employees cannot come into work.

Work on improving corporate communications so that workers know their point of contact in case of an emergency. This is the best way to control emergency response actions and the ensuing panic.

Put Our Number on Speed Dial?

Above all else, you need a professionally trained disaster restoration team to come to your worksite in case of an emergency immediately. You may not have the time or mind to look up your options when the disaster is upon you. It’s better to do your homework in advance and check out your options.

We can assure you that our personnel is trained to handle heavy-duty equipment and practice safety protocols during disaster recovery.

We offer all disaster restoration services in Ottawa. Our disaster restoration services include site cleanup, rebuilding, repairs, temporary HVAC and power supply, drying and dehumidification, and even mould remediation.