Do you seek – more than ever – to reduce costs associated with facility’s maintenance, address regulatory compliance and improve performance?

BMI is a respected market leader of integrated facility solutions. Hundreds of real estate developers, property management companies and clients from multiple industries outsource their non-core functions to BMI for its overall services strategy which is based on continuing improvement process that facilitates growth and progress.

BMI’s complete capabilities include expansive general contracting services, facility services, disaster restoration and recovery solutions, demolition waste removal services and commercial cleaning provided through stand-alone or integrated solutions. BMI leverages new ways of integrating people, processes and technology to build and maintain commercial properties in a sustainable way.

The company is considered to be one of the construction and first janitorial companies to use environmentally preferable practices – BMI’s services extend to over 200 clients occupying in excess of 50 million square feet of commercial space in the National Capital Region. Our customer-centric approach enables us to provide quality services tailored to meet your specific requirements!

Our clients look to us to help with their sustainability efforts! Our green practices lead the industry in providing solutions for a cleaner and healthier environment. We use nothing short of state of the art equipment and our staff is dedicated to being the best through continuing education.

Owners, developers, construction managers, general contractors, and sub-contractors are expected to realize substantial savings in labor and material costs by using the BMI’s building maintenance methods and systems. BMI can help to:

  • Increase Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Implement BMI’s Green Cleaning Practices
  • Create an Integrated Facility Solution to Increase Efficiency and Productivity

To learn more about our integrated facility services and building maintenance solutions, contact BMI today.