How to Choose an Ottawa Janitorial Service

By March 1, 2014 No Comments

You can get Ottawa Janitorial Services from a myriad of places – BMI would prefer you use us, but when you are looking for a company to take care of cleaning your Ottawa office space, here are some things for you to consider:

Keep in mind that Ottawa janitorial services are more nuanced than just someone emptying your trash or running a vacuum.

Maintaining a clean office is not only important to keep morale up, but your staff’s health relies on a clean environment.

Most times the service comes in after hours – but I am sure you could find Ottawa janitorial services cheaper if people come in during business hours.

Reach out to multiple companies locally for Ottawa janitorial services for price quotes, which will involve a visit for an estimate. Don’t just get an estimate, ask for the services they provide and choose the ones right for you.

Any reputable Ottawa janitorial services company will have proof of insurance. Why is this important? It keeps you insulated from any liability should a cleaner become hurt while cleaning.

Make sure your Ottawa janitorial services are in writing and agreed upon before signing. And make sure you read the contract, thoroughly. make sure you have some sort of “out” should you not be happy with the Ottawa janitorial services you receive. Ask for a trial period for Ottawa janitorial services so you can be sure you are happy.

Look into references and comparable experience the company you are hiring for Ottawa janitorial services has. A company with experience and a solid background providing Ottawa janitorial services will be able to provide you with references from its clients. Contact these references and ask how happy they are with the cleaning services that the company provides.