For our clients working towards LEED certification; our environmental program includes the use of green cleaning products and procedures required to earn points.

Green cleaning requirements have been made a mandatory prerequisite for earning or upholding LEED certification. The Canadian Government is placing companies and itself under added burden of putting in place environmental cleaning practices that make compliance an ongoing business reality.

Real estate development and property management companies are moving towards the implementation of LEED Programs as a way to be building sustainable and compliant with industry standards. Cleaning buildings  involve a multitude of chemicals that pose a threat to our health and the environment. With individuals and businesses working hard to green their lives, there’s a growing need to have buildings cleaned without toxic or irritating chemicals. As a result, property/building managers and owners, janitorial services managers as well as building service contractors (BSC) are aware that LEED Programs give them the opportunity to be recognized as facilities where the risk of the negative effects on human health and the environment is minimal.

Green Practices

At BMI, we conduct our operations with an environmental stewardship values. BMI understands that true success is determined by our ability to reduce environmental impact while providing quality service.

BMI environmental practices focuses on key areas (sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality) and works hand in hand to help you obtain, maintain or expand your LEED Certification Level. BMI’s goal is to engage the community in its Green Cleaning Program to show how utility and maintenance costs can be dramatically lowered through utilizing LEED Practices.

Achieving Sustainable Compliance

BMI understands that minimizing environmental impact is essential for businesses that are sustainable-oriented; consequently, BMI takes advantage of available technologies to get your property earn, maintain or improve the LEED Certified Level.

BMI Environmental Commitment

At BMI, being environmentally responsible is a company standard.

Our commitment is to reduce environmental impact; in order to achieve this goal, we use nothing short of state of the art equipment and our staff is dedicated to being the first through continuing education and products that lead us to the limits and beyond. This enables us to provide green cleaning, recycling and energy services that:

  • Improve indoor air quality.
  • Utilize eco-friendly processes and products.
  • Sustain life and natural resources.
  • Reduce hard and soft operating costs.

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Find the Right Solution

1  Increased Worker Productivity

Recent studies show that healthier buildings reduce sick time and increase productivity, and, we know that your organization wants to address health and environmental issues in its core mission with the purpose of providing a safe place for its workforce.

2  Bottom-line Savings

Outsourcing facility services has become a strategic business decision with many great benefits for some corporations. Outsourcing enables you to gain a competitive advantage by saving time and resources, and by focusing on your core business.

3  LEED Compliance

For our clients working towards LEED certification; our environmental program includes the use of green cleaning products and procedures required to earn points.

4  Emergency Preparedness

We acknowledge that responsiveness and communication are key ingredients for a loyal relationship.  Our clients see us as a partner instead of a building service contractor (BSC); they know we play a critical role in business continuity when unexpected events arise.