You can never predict when disaster might strike. But this is exactly where having a specific restoration service on call comes in handy!

As a professional disaster restoration service in Ottawa, our job at BMI isn’t to just make your property look presentable. We also offer extensive restoration services helping you minimize downtime considerably.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Let’s say your property has suffered from fire and smoke damage. While fire damage might be easier to repair, considering that most people would have those areas gutted and reinstalled, they often forget that smoke damage is what they should really be concerned about.

On the surface, you might not even see signs of smoke damage apart from the marks and stains, something most people assume they’ll get rid of with a household cleaner. However, smoke particles have a knack of getting into the small crevices and cracks in your walls. When not properly removed, this smoke infiltration causes that burnt smell to linger for a long time. In addition to that, the smoke particles end up causing respiratory and eye issues.

A dedicated disaster restoration service uses the right equipment and rebuilds those sections efficiently, so there’s no potential for long-term damage to the property or to the household’s health.

The Safety Factor

Opting for professional disaster restoration services also eliminates one major cause for concern: safety.

With a disaster comes damaged foundations and walls. You may be sitting on a time bomb that could go off at any minute, causing even more problems to other untouched sections of your property. A professional disaster restoration company, like BMI, will get to the root of the problem — making sure to inspect and repair every part of your building that may have been damaged, even if not immediately visible.

Hire Us!

BMI Ottawa is a leading company in Ottawa that offers disaster restoration as well as demolition services. If your property has experienced some form of damage, get in touch with us!

Call us at 1-343-312-5302. We’ll have our best team of professionals on the case. Your property will look good as new by the time we’re done!

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