Since your employees spend a major part of their lives working in the office, they are more susceptible to germs around the office. Cross contamination often leads to spread of disease and that can negatively affect your business as well. As an employer, it’s is your job to do all in your power to keep your employees healthy.

Here are some tips to limit cross contamination in office:

Have surfaces disinfected

Germs spread across the office and therefore, it’s necessary to have surfaces disinfected regularly. High-touch areas like doorknobs, buttons on elevators, and light switches in particular need to be disinfected multiple times a day to prevent harmful germs from going around.

Even phones and computers used in offices collect a lot of dirt and germs over time and are often disregarded when it comes to office cleaning. Wipe down computers, phones, printers, and other electronics used in office with disinfecting wipes. The moisture content in these is less and there’s little to no risk of damaging the items.

Encourage common etiquette

Somewhere along the line, we seem to have forgotten common etiquette, like covering our mouths when we cough or sneeze, and to keep our distance when we have a cold or flu. Encourage employees to maintain such common etiquette regardless of whether there is a coronavirus pandemic or not. Those who are sneezing and coughing should also refrain from shaking hands with others as a precaution.


Encourage employees to work remotely or take the day off when ill

We’re human, we all get ill from time to time. Some might get ill more often than others and that’s okay. However, employees often feel the need to show up to work even on days when they aren’t doing well to meet a deadline or because they are just too embarrassed to take another sick day. It’s essential that your employees who have come down with flu-like symptoms, in particular, take the day off or work from home.

The spread of the coronavirus has shown us the importance of maintaining a distance when we are ill. For the sake of the other employees, allow a work from home policy for those who are ill, but want to work.

Empty the trash can often

Leaving the trashcan to overflow in any environment isn’t hygienic. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause pest infestations too. Make sure the trashcans are emptied every few hours and are not allowed to fill up and over flow. Cleaning and disinfecting the trashcans will reduce the chances of harmful bacteria lurking around.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it essential to prevent cross contamination in the workplace. Employers need to take all the necessary steps to keep your employees safe. Cleaning and disinfection is a big part of this journey. BMI is a leading janitorial service company based Ottawa that provide these services. Get in touch with us for commercial cleaning purposes. Call 1-343-312-5302 for more information.


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