5 facts to know about commercial water damage

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While every commercial premises is different to each other, they all run the risk of water damage. The implementation of safety measures too, at times, is not necessarily enough to prevent such damage.

Water damage weakens the structure of a commercial building and increases the probability of mold and mildew, both of which can put the lives of employees at risk.

Here’s what our experts want you to know about commercial water damage:

Roof leaks are a common source of water damage

Even if the roof of an establishment is in excellent condition, water damage can still occur. Flat roofs are more susceptible to developing water damage since they are unable to get rid of it, water build-up is more likely. Have your establishment’s roof inspected on a regular basis for water damage and leaks.

water leakage

Minor leaks eventually lead to major water damage

Plumbing leaks are ignored until the pipe bursts or a clog develops. Pipe leaks, however, cause considerable water damaged along the way, which can weaken structures. If the plumbing within a building isn’t well maintained, insurance might not cover the costs of wear and tear.

Types of water contamination

There are three main kinds of water damage that can take place within a commercial building: gray water, white water, and black water contamination. While white water refers to regular water from the faucet, grey water refers to untreated water, and black water refers to contaminated water. Each type of water damage has its own set of protocols when it comes to repairs.

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Don’t delay water damage repair

Water damage should be dealt with the moment you notice it. Ignoring this issue may cause structural issues within the building which are most time consuming and expensive to take care of. Other issues caused by water damage include carpet deterioration, damaged floors and furniture, and a strong musty odor.

Call in a professional as soon as you can, they are trained to detect water damage even underneath flooring.

The issue might not go away, even though the water has

Just getting rid of water damage isn’t enough on your property. Mold can begin to develop within 24 to 48 hours of the water damage being repaired. Moisture in humid conditions speeds up the growth of mold and therefore mold prevention should also be on your list of to-do things. Have a professional inspect the area and take care of any mold.

Have our experts take care of water damage on your property. We also provide janitorial services in Ottawa along with disaster restoration and waste removal.

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